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The Narcissist
Above - My birthday with Colin
A child struggling to compose himself after being punched for not smiling for the camera on his birthday. Both faces tell the story only too well. One of pain and one of contempt, anger and disappointment.
Just the same as Carey did, I too throughout my life have had a love hate relationship with Colin Herringe. On one side he was this business genius but on the other he was a cruel man full of bitterness and without compassion. Just the same as Carey did, I have always wanted to have him accept me as he does his other 'Golden child' that being without any boundaries, a full unconditional love. Some 4 years ago my son and I put together a DVD presentation and sent it to all the family in the hope he would see my life through my eyes. It is bizarre how when you are emotionally abused for so long that you actually need the abuser in your life even though it makes absolutely no sense. Fortunately Colin Herringe made my mind up for me as by not acknowledging the DVD he also chose not to acknowledge my children (his grandchildren). For me as a parent that was the last time I would want nor desire anything from Colin Herringe. Carey and I spoke about Colin's reaction to the DVD and it was a very clear message, for a so called Christian man Colin Herringe knows nothing about love.  I was prepared to put the past behind us if he was prepared to be a father. Below is the link for the DVD I sent to Colin Herringe. I am pleased he assisted in making up my mind for my children will never have to know or see him nor compete for his affection in anyway. My children have fantastic grand parents and Colin Herringe couldn't even begin to stack up when compared to them.  Finally whilst on the topic of grandchildren so there is no confusion regarding what happened to Carey's children after Carey died, well the 'Golden child' had a beautiful little girl at the end of 2009. No fault of 'Golden Child' but his father now has a grand child from the golden child. So this may help explain to people why Colin Herringe has continued to fight Carey's ex-wife in every manner with respect to Carey's property, shares etc and deny her what is rightfully hers as next of kin. As for Carey's children, Colin Herringe has made no effort other than fighting Stephanie with respect to seeing Carey's children.  Colin Herringe has always been a master at denying people and sadly he now does this to Carey's own children. Rather than support or assist their mother in someway he is doing what he has always been good at - fighting.


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