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This page has been written so you can monitor the latest updates relavant to this site and the information contained herein.

31 December 2010 - Carey's Father HAS LIED TO THE NSW CORONER - It has been relayed to me that Carey's father has advised the State Coroners Court of NSW that Carey was residing (still living) with him at the time of his death. This statement is an absolute LIE and I shall be having my solicitor prepare a statement on my behalf for both the Coroners Office and also the investigating Police preparing the brief as this is a deliberate attempt to take the blame of Carey's depression and suicidal thoughts away from himself. It is an offence to provide false declaration or statement to the Coroners Office and to that degree I shall do everything in my power to ensure this is thoroughly investigated. The sad reality is

(1) Carey's father threw him out a week prior to his death
(2) Carey sought shelter at friends and also a motel prior to going to hospital.
(3) Friends of Carey knew he was both homeless and without money
(4) Carey's father on the evening before his death had a major fight with Carey which was the 'straw that broke the camels back'.
To deny this is to deny the reasons behind Carey's suicide. If his memory means anything the NSW Coroners office must address all these factors and consider the question of why would Carey's father lie regarding Carey having a place to live other than the obvious one being he doesn't want people knowing the truth of how much his last rejection of Carey had such an impact on Carey's decision that fateful morning.
December 2010 - NSW Coroner interim findings - Carey died from self inflicted overdose

3rd September 2010 - Page Updated - Cades County Water park

3rd September 2010 - New Page added - Carey's Children

3rd September 2010 - Page updated - Rememberence

19th August 2010 - New Page added - Thank you

9th August 2010 - New Page added - In Carey's own words A copy of Carey's MYSPACE page

8th August 2010 - New page added - Rememberence

7th July 2010 - New page added - see My Brother, My friend.

2nd June 2010 - New sound recording added to support Carey suiciding - see Sound recording page

19th May 2010 - I have uploaded the original recording of the song I composed and sang at Carey and Thalia's wedding. Recorded in 1999 it was very exciting for me to have this found as I thought the only 2 copies of the recording had been lost years ago. Jump to Video and Music page

28th April 2010 - I have uploaded my finished witness statement which was completed for the ongoing investigation by the NSW Coroner - View Statement

26th April 2010 - Carey's father has finally handed over some of Carey's goods and property to his widow Steph. Carey's father handed the goods over without contest and changed his mind with respect to a disclaimer having to be signed by her, preventing her speaking out about Colin Herringe. Unfortunately Colin Herringe has denied having Carey's laptop which I know personally to be an untrue statement as Carey told me on the weekend prior to his death that his laptop was with his father. Colin Herringe also advised that all paperwork portaining to Carey's family law matters along with his extensive medical files had been 'thrown out'. Given I know Colin Herringe better than most I believe this to be an untrue statement as Colin Herringe doesn't throw out anything especially paperwork he is either mentioned in or can use at a later date against someone else. It is of amazing coincidence that the medical files which contain comments from Carey to doctors regarding his father and child abuse have been 'thrown out'. More interestingly, if they were indeed discarded what right did he have to throw them out. He is NOT Carey's next of kin.

Carey's father has also handed over to Steph some $2000+ worth of bills which were sent to his address in Carey's name. Some of these bills are now in the hands of debt collectors or in a default position. Rather than sending them onto Steph to organise payment whilst they were within their terms. Colin Herringe kept them all mounting up and now Steph is in a position of having to contact the many creditors to sought matters out. I mean since we are talking about such a minor amount of money when one considers what Carey should have been entitled to as a beneficiary from the $1,000,000+ Dalbez trust of which his father controlled prior to closing it, and given his father has access to this money at anytime, it is nothing short of truly pathetic that his father gave Carey's widow any bills. A true man of any character whuld have taken care of these bills rather than burden the mother of his Grandchildren. Once again as I have stated on other pages of this site, Colin Herringe has no interest in Carey's children or their welfare and his own actions once again prove this without question.

 So basically we are left with the fact Colin Herringe has and continues to disrespect the mother of his own Grandchildren in a manner typical of the spineless man he is. One of no morals and no conscience.

23rd April 2010 - Carey's father only after being embarrassed by what has been said on this site, finally went to Rookwood after two months to order Carey's headstone. Bravo. I wonder how he would feel if when he dies we leave him in an unmarked grave. I mean honestly given Colin Herringe's main asset as far as he is concerned is his ego, the thought of being treated with the same level of contempt would be a very hurtful thought indeed.


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