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Carey's Final months

The abuse continues

For those who don't know Colin Herringe or how the effects of one persons can damage others here it is listed in point form. The abuse continues today from Colin Herringe and this is the legacy he shall leave for all to remember of how he respected his son Carey.


  1. Colin Herringe failed in his duty of care as a parent to inform other family members years ago of how severe Carey's drug dependency was.
  2. Despite Carey's drug dependency being documented since 1997, Colin Herringe failed as a father to use some of the money from the Dalbez trust of which Carey was a beneficiary to put Carey into a rehabilitation clinic for drugs.
  3. Colin Herringe knew only too well Carey's pyschological problems and knowing he was the root of many of them, sought to deter Carey from seeking Psychiatric or Psychological therapy.


1. Careys father Colin Herringe tried every conceivable way to get Carey to change his mind with respect to appointing me his Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian. Carey's mind at that time was swinging all over the place with respect to whether he should do as he was told by his father or do what was in his own best interests.

2. Carey's dependency on drugs meant that despite my best efforts to get his into voluntary rehabilitation at the Sydney Clinic Bronte and also the Wesley Clinic at Ashfield, he was unable to remain at those hospitals or clinic due to his unstable behaviour. Carey's father who pretends to be devestated by the loss of his soon did not once offer Carey support in those hospitals. Nor did he offer Carey encouragement to stay there. During my time as Carey's Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian, Carey was admitted during a 3 -4 week period numerous facilities for the reasons of Suicidal ideation, chronic depression, Adjustment mood disorder. Despite Carey fighting me personally all the way regarding him wanting to get drugs and despite his father telling me I was doing the wrong thing, I informed all the hospitals and clinics Carey was a drug addict and he was not to obtain any Narcotics. For 3 brief weeks Carey remained off drugs. It was not an easy task getting him the help he needed as Carey fought me every step of the way so he could get out and score again. During my intervention Carey stayed at Mater Waratah, Sydney Clinic, Kiloh Psychiatric, Wesley Ashfield and finally ended up at Concorde Psychiatric. I advise the team managing him their that if they released him his dependency was so great should they release him he would be dead within 3 months. Unfortunately no one listened. Immediately after being released from Concorde he attended another hospital on his own accord only to be declined the drugs he so desperately craved. He then went doctor shopping at Burwood. Upon finding this information out I contacted the Police hoping that his father would have his bail revoked as it seemed the only way we could now help Carey was in an involuntary way since he could not help himself. I advised another family member to attend Burwood and keep Carey there until an 'ambulance' arrived. I told Carey's father that I had called an ambulance also as knowing Carey's father like I do if I had said I had called the police Carey's father wouldn't see me as helping Carey but rather use this as a yard iron to drive home how much of a bad brother I was. The police attended and to my absolute disbelief when they spoke with Colin Herringe on the phone regarding whether Carey was breaching his bail conditions he advised Carey was not breaching them as he knew fully well where Carey was. After this night Carey's fate was all but sealed. Carey having no where but his father's to return to found that he was now in the lions den. Carey's outbursts and drug dependencies were tamed by his father simply by supplying his own son with the drugs a bit at a time. The drugs he had been off for 3 weeks. Instead of methadone or detox his father chose to drip feed him the narcotics and further fuel Careys habits. I confronted Colin Herringe over my absolute disgust for his control and methodology stating he will end up dead from these drugs and you may as well have put the needle there yourself. The following day I returned Careys medical files and Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardian papers to Carey and informed Constable Trent Lister of why I had revoked my Power of Attorney. Trying to get Carey help was an almost impossible job but certainly not one that I shirked at. Trying to get him help when his father had started him back on drugs was impossible. Despite having spoken to Jill at the Centre of Digestive Diseases and also a Professor of Pain Management who had overseen Carey previously, and despite both of them asserting NOTHING Carey had required Narcotic Pain Medication, and despite Colin Herringe knowing this first hand, he chose to put Carey back onto drugs.


  1. Careys father decided to try a new tactic - Tough Love. Great idea - take one chronically depressed drug addict with no value of self worth or self esteem and thow him out on the street with no money.
  2. Carey went to a friends home on the Wednesday and he was shooting up very heavily to a point of being 'unconscious' several times.
  3. Carey went and stayed at a motel full of drug addicts and undesirables.
  4. Another of Carey's friends spoke with him and said he would looking into finding a place for them both to stay together as he couldn't see his friend stay at such a dump.
  5. Carey went to hospital to seek Narcotics for a renal disorder.
  6. The staff were aware of Carey's drug dependency and did not give him narcotics.
  7. I spoke with Colin Herringe on the Sunday who advised me that Carey was not able to come back to his unit. During this call Colin herringe advised that he was going up to the hospital to tell Carey this. I suggested that Carey was so fragile that his father should give Carey positives and let him know the family would come together to find Carey a place to live and some money to get him back on his feet. I emplored his father not to go there and leave thinking Carey had no one to turn to. At this time I was unaware that Carey had been thrown out of his fathers unit. I simply thought his father was saying he couldn't come back.
  8. I spoke with Carey after speaking with his father telling Carey that his Dad was going to have a chat with him when he comes up that evening regarding how the family will help him out to find a place.
  9. On the Sunday evening Colin Herringe regardless of all that was discussed with me on the phone went against all I had suggested and fought with Carey. He told him uncatagorically he was a no good loser who was nothing like his brother *** and never would be. He was not welcome back to his Unit and was on his own. His father also stated he would not be attenting the meeting the next morning. A meeting which was critical to Carey because his mother was flying down to attend with Carey's dad to discuss treatment options for Carey's dependency.
  10. Carey called his mother shattered by his father and told her IF he was to get out of hospital he would never speak to that 'bastard' again.
  11. Carey walked the halls that night not able to sleep. Carey then allegedly faked being a doctor by calling the hospital trying to get drugs delivered up to the ward for him. He also texted his own doctor allegedly trying to get his doctor to have his meds chart changed.
  12. Carey emotionally hurt, saw a tunnel with no light at the end. His world was a mess and he didn't see any way of cleaning it up. He didn't have the energy to fix it. His father had closed the door, he was unable to see his children he loved so very much, he had an assault trial weighing heavy on his mind just around the corner, he had no job, he had a broken heart. 
  13. Unable to get the drugs he so desperately longed for, stole injections from a crash trolley went back to his room and injected himself for the last time.

The Coroners investigation is still pending but the outcome will be either Accidental overdose or suicide. Given Carey's life long knowledge of drugs. Given Carey's extensive medical background. Given Carey's state of mind at the time, I as his brother fear no shame in seeing Carey died of a broken heart and regardless of the Coronial Investigation hurt daily knowing he died in his mind alone.


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