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About Carey Herringe

Carey's life was so full in many ways yet at the same time very empty. He had three wonderful girls who I am certain we all (well most of us) feel for with the sincerest of sympathy. He had two marriages and developed an inseperable bond with his second wife Stephanie. He had been highly successful in sales and marketing. He had travelled extensively. He gave freely both himself and his money for his family, friends and those in need. He was a devout Christian whose journey over his years of zealous study into Christianity and its roots changed direction from 'turn or burn' to one of compassion and forgiveness towards others. He spread the word of Christ to many as requested by his Lord Jesus in the gospels. His steered in a righteous direction to help others whether they be drunks, homeless or drug addicts. In many ways Carey was a voice for all of those hearts who could not be heard except for one, his own.

This site is not about condemnation or bitterness, it is about Carey's life which was good, not so good and in ways plain ugly. But for those who truly loved Carey such as Japie, Neil, Sam, Marty and their families and many many  more, even the ugly side was never an embarrassment. Instead they welcomed into their lives with open arms.

This site is for you my little brother. You felt all your life you were the black sheep and I know that's why we understood each other so well. Your story should have been told years ago as we worked together for you to better understand yourself and now that you have passed on, I shall finish what we both started for the both of us many years ago.

Carey and his beautiful daughter Zoe



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