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Cades County Water Park

FRAUD commited against the Creditors of Cades County Water Park by Colin John Herringe and HRD Leisure & Herringe Research and Development.

I have been really trying to work out a way of ensuring that I am fully within the law when addressing this and after much legal consultation I advise the following:

Original Creditors of HRD Leisure, Herringe Research and Development 1985 onwards were victims of fraud under the bankruptcy act. The main creditor of the failed Herringe companies which owned the Cades County Water Park and Cades County Wet n Wild being Dalbex was a private company owned by Colin Herringe. Although Colin Herringe declared himself bankrupt under Part X of the bankruptcy act he had full access to the Dalbex trust company which at the time had over 1.6 million (public record) in cash and assets.

Colin Herringe's accountants at the time advised him very clearly that he should not be using the trust for his own expenses as it was not his to do with as he wanted, it was a trust belonging to his children. The money at the time was certainly enough to pay the bulk of creditors who some lost their livelyhood and others lost their homes due to rising debts of the failed Herringe Group. This to date has never been investigated and I am more than willing to share all paperwork and associated supporting documentation to those parties interested or any media party which may like to investigate. Paperwork includes all financial statements, letters from Colin Herringe's solicitors and accountants with a total file on this matter of over 1000 pages. I welcome the AFP, ATO and Centrelink to investigate this matter also. How can someone who has complete ownership and rights to the funds of a company with 1.6million dollars go onto and claim a Centrelink disability pension at the same time? He has claimed the Centrelink payments for years and certainly would have fraudulently completed paperwork. Therefore the Australian tax payer has a right to know the truth behind this.

My brother died believing his father had no money as the bastard made certain his lies of wealth even were told to the children.  Carey never saw a cent of the Dalbez trust just as creditors were equally betrayed. Many creditors lost so much because they believed in a system that failed them. It is time to put an end to this.












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