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Thank you

Thank you

The following persons deserve a big thank you ...

  • Trent Lister Parramatta Police - Your assistance to Carey whilst for obvious reasons remaining impartial, was of the highest professional standards. For members of the family whom held concerns for Carey you were a steadfast point of contact and guidance. Your concerns for Carey's well being, drug dependancy and fragility were appreciated and whilst unfortunately Carey's situation turned out for the worst, your tireless efforts and consideration have been greatly admired by this family.
  • Neil Walker - Thank you for being a great true friend to Carey. Your respect, encouragement and kindness helped Carey keep calm at times when he needed it the most. Your memories, laughter and tears shared with me on so many occasions reminds me of how special your buddy 'Kezza' was to you.
  • Sam Mannah - Thank you for riding the road to wisdom with Carey. Your journey of discovery with Carey focused so very much at the heart of who Carey was and who Carey wanted to be. You both learnt by spending time together studying the word things like compassion, understanding and forgiveness. You both grew as people together and I have a great deal of respect for you as one of Carey's closest friends.
  • Japie Krige - You were for Carey in many ways the father he so longed to have. A rock of guidance and compassion. A man of wisdom and true character. You embellished for Carey the qualities of what a true man is. I know from the many times he spoke of you how highly he regarded your friendship. For a lighter side to this let me apologise on behalf of Carey for not being the cleanest of guests when he came to stay at your place from time to time. I am certain of one thing however, you both shared a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows together and both came out so much better for it.
  • Marty and Sharyn Barnes - Where can I start, the word love would not be a strong enough word to describe how Carey felt for the both of you. When he was down you picked him up, when he was lost you showed him the path. You were there always for him and you hold a special place in our hearts for your testament to friendship and kindess.
  • Carey's countless other friends - you provided Carey with guidance, compassion, understanding and love to a young man who had a very troubled life. He relied on so many of you and you all never shirked your responsibilities as an extended family to him. In many ways you were the blood family he so longed to have. I thank you from the bottom of my heart as you are all cherished.


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