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Despite his personal demons, Carey's love for his children knew no limits. In their short time with the Daddy, albeit that they are very young, I hope and pray that they all remember how special and how loved they were by their Daddy. Carey did not know the word spoilt when it came to loving his children. His girls are all very beautiful and each one of them have glowing smiles just like their Daddy.

For the small handful of Carey's friends whom thought I was being over the top in attacking Carey's father for this possibly avoidable tragedy, it is said that actions speak louder than words and none more so than the actions of Colin Herringe and his flock of children whom try to still kiss Daddy's ass by not standing up to him. Excluding myself, Colin Herringe and Carey's surviving three other sisters and one other brother have NOT once since Carey's passing attempted to communicate with Carey's children in their capacity of Grandfather, Aunties or Uncle. Not once have they offered Carey's widow any support whether it be for clothes for the girls, some money, or even emotional support. Not once have they bothered to check how the girls are going. I haven't mentioned Carey's ex-wife in this as sadly due to some bizarre religious reasoning she has stopped Carey's daughter (Carey's first daughter - above image bottom right) from all contact with her sisters.

So thanks to the likes of what can only be described as pathetic, cold hearted unforgiving people, the girls Carey fought so very much to keep together are now more alienated than ever before.

 I can understand Colin Herringe's reasoning as it is the way of an evil narcissist - I have said clearly once the Golden Child had a baby (which happened last Christmas) Carey's children would all but be forgotten and that is exactly what happened. Certainly not the actions of a Grandfather or even any one with compassion, but we are speaking of Colin Herringe and unfortunately for Carey's children, Colin Herringe couldn't spare the time of day for them - in his eyes they died from his life even before Carey, the moment the Golden Child had a child.

The Golden Child C***** whose very name was depicted before he was born to immortalise his father by the initials of CJ has followed in his fathers footsteps. Aggression and anger, bitterness and hatred towards Carey's widow. Not man enough to give any concern about his own flesh and blood nieces. Not caring enough to offer a truce nor mature enough to display any form of love. Ironically he lives with a very devout Catholic wife. I would have thought she would have been able to guide him from his fathers evil upbringing and teach him, love thy enemy. Sadly this seems not the case.

Carey's blood sister C**** whose name was also to immortalise her father with the initials CJ, once again not even a call to find out anything about her brothers children.

Careys other half sisters also have betrayed his memory by not trying to help in anyway by standing up to their father and demanding he become a man for once in his life before his time is up. A true man would make effort to set things right. A true man would honour his sons memory and do EVERYTHING he could to ensure the girls are cared for, looked after and provided for.

I must have been delusional to expect that at least one of the family could have assisted me with trying to organise for Careys' daughter from his first marriage to be allowed from time to time to catch up with his other two daughters. But this is not my loss. The loss is entirely belonging to Careys children. Not only have they lost their Daddy this year, but as sisters, heartless adults (Careys first wife and family) have refused them to communicate even by phone. The havelost their Uncle and Aunties whom they saw regularly when Carey and Steph were together and they have lost their Grandfather, which to me is possibly the best thing that could have happened but for them it is another loss.

I shall be financially contributing when I can towards the children and for those who would like to assist please do write to me via the email address below


The girls need on thing now their Daddy is gone - a good, stable and solid ground to walk on and grow with every bit of opportunity and assistance their mother can be given. You don't have to like her, this is not about her, it is about Carey's girls.



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