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 After extensive research and verified by many others, this is the time line of Carey's last week with us.

Monday 15th of February - Careys father Colin Herringe threw him out of his unit with no money and nowhere to go. Despite knowing Carey's vulnerabilities Colin Herringe failed to inform Carey's mother or myself of the situation meaning Carey was on his own. No doubt Carey tried to communicate with his father many times during this week to return but it appears obvious and without argument that Carey was not welcome back by his bastard father.

Tuesday 16th of February - We are still uncertain of what transpired that day other than Carey went and obtained narcotics to cope with his isolation.

Wednesday 17th of February - Carey went to see his friend Marty. The photo was one of several taken on that day by Marty and is known to be the last images of Carey. Marty recalls Carey was off his face on drugs in a state like he had never seen him before.

Thursday & Friday of February 18 / 19th - Homeless and with little to no money, Carey went and stayed at a cheap motor inn where his friend **** met with him and urged him to go to hospital due to his deteriorating condition.

Carey checked into hospital who unaware that Carey had already taken opiate medication prior to admission at Westmead gave him further opiates which in my personal opinion was grossly irresponsible given they were well aware that Carey was an addict of such medication. During Carey's time there Carey fake symptoms to obtain further opiates to which Westmead did not oblige. On the Sunday evening Carey's father broke his heart in an arguement and as through most of Carey's life his father Colin Herringe continued to emotionally abuse him.

Sunday evening Carey out of desperation even sought to fake being a doctor to have the Westmead hospital internal pharmacy have narcotics delivered up to the ward. This was not accomodated by the astute pharmacist. This evening was different however from so many previous ones. Carey had no emotional reserves left. Unlike previously where when he could not obtain drugs in a hospital he would 'go for a walk' to a local medical centre and score some drugs then return to the hospital, this time was different. Carey sought different drugs, drugs to end the pain and loneliness.

Sadly for so many, Carey ended his life. For those after some solace based on the toxicology findings, the drugs taken by Carey on that fateful evening were extremely powerful tranquilisers and the cocktail combination taken would have caused Carey to simply lose consciousness prior to his breathing stopping. He expereienced no pain.

Whereas I would like to be comforted by the above knowledge of how Carey died I am not. His death was avoidable. Had he had a united family rather than the shit family he sadly was born into he may have been stronger. Had his father been a better role model maybe Carey would have had stronger coping mechanisms. Had his wife been more open with Careys mother and siblings about his addictions she may have found greater support. No person should ever feel so isolated. No person should ever feel so abused or betrayed that their greatest form of comfort lies in taking their own life. There are those who told Carey the reasons for my returning Carey's power of Attorney was because I simply gave up on him. Well I would love you to publish the letter I sent with the return of that power of Attorney. The letter where I said I can't help Carey any further whilst he is under his fathers control. The one where I urged Carey to get away from the poisonous abuse of Carey's father. The one where I said that when Carey is ready to sincerely get help I was ready to do everything I could do for him. For those who believe the lies told by Colin Herringe I regret to inform you that like Carey, you believe the words of a vile, cruel and evil man and just as Carey, you too have been poisoned.

Finally, I want to say that those who knew Carey know full well he never did anything cheap. To leave the cheapest plastic flowers at Careys grave is a very insult to the man he was. But Colin Herringe and other family members have to continue the abuse by not only placing plastic flowers at the grave but now have gone to the extreme of using cable ties to stop others putting flowers in the little ceramic pots. Have none of you any respect. Spend some money and show him some respect for never again will you have to buy a Christmas or birthday present. Never again will you have to lend him money. Stop being such tight asses. Out of respect for Carey I continue to tidy his grave every time I attend and no plastic flowers shall ever be welcome for my brother. You wouldn't give your wife a $2 bunch of plastic flowers for Valentines day so how could you offend Carey's memory with cheap flowers. He is worth so much more than that. And if you think I am being over the top imagine what Carey would say to you about it, "That'd be fucking right, is that all these mother fuckers think I am worth!" or words very close to that effect! 

I so miss the powerhouse called Carey.

Careys special place 21st February 2011

In loving memory of Carey

Hey little brother, I have spared no expense to keep your memory as bright as ever on this your 1st anniversary. You are closer to me now than ever before and your memory will never die. 


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