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Colin Herringe - The Narcissist
This is the face of a Narcissist. Keep this image in your memory.
LATEST UPDATE 31st December 2010 - COLIN HERRINGE IS A LIAR - It has been relayed to me that Carey's father has advised the State Coroners Court of NSW that Carey was residing (still living) with him at the time of his death. This statement is an absolute LIE and I shall be having my solicitor prepare a statement on my behalf for both the Coroners Office and also the investigating Police preparing the brief as this is a deliberate attempt to take the blame of Carey's depression and suicidal thoughts away from himself. It is an offence to provide false declaration or statement to the Coroners Office and to that degree I shall do everything in my power to ensure this is thoroughly investigated. The sad reality is
(1) Carey's father threw him out a week prior to his death
(2) Carey sought shelter at friends and also a motel prior to going to hospital.
(3) Friends of Carey knew he was both homeless and without money
(4) Carey's father on the evening before his death had a major fight with Carey which was the 'straw that broke the camels back'.
To deny this is to deny the reasons behind Carey's suicide. If his memory means anything the NSW Coroners office must address all these factors and consider the question of why would Carey's father lie regarding Carey having a place to live other than the obvious one being he doesn't want people knowing the truth of how much his last rejection of Carey had such an impact on Carey's decision that fateful morning.
Before we start into this chapter of Carey's life ask yourself these questions. If someone bashed one of your children on one occasion would you keep it to yourself? Now ask yourself if someone, anyone emotionally and physically assaulted your child for 14 years and then continued to emotionally abuse them for a further 18 years before returning them to you in an almost unrepairable condition would you keep that to yourself or would expose the person responsible for that which they are? As most of you would naturally conclude you would have to expose the person for the vindication of the victim.
Below is a 2 page letter from the late Dr. David Webster who had met Colin Herringe. The blanked out sections have been omitted from public viewing for privacy reasons.


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