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Video and Music files


Video file #1 - Carey's funeral Ceremonial clip - Recorded and sung by Justin for his little brother the week of his passing.


Video file # 2 - Hold me now - A collection of lovely shots of Carey, Stephanie and their girls to the music of this Hillsong Band.


Video file # 3 - Fun times with Daddy 2008 - Carey with his girls


Music file # 1 - Carey and Thalia's wedding song. Written, recorded and sung by Justin in 1999 for Carey and his first wife Thalia. Performed live on the night of their wedding. Because of Thalia's Greek descent I had a translator assist me in formulating words in Greek for the song to fit with the english lyrics. The Greek lyrics in what would be the central chorus of the song translate in english to, "I love you, my brother, my sister, I love you" which seemed fitting as I was not losing a brother but gaining a sister. The lyrics in the last chorus of the song translate to, " I love you and I know you love me". Only two copies of this song existed and I actually thought they were lost forever but my mother came across her copy after Carey's passing. Today for me the lyrics mean more than memories but they remind me of how special Thalia was to Carey at the time of their wedding and how he fought to win her hand in marriage.



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